Establish Nexus-based improvement measures for water security of developing countries

UNESCO has set 17 goals for achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals during 2016-2030.

By setting clean water and sanitation as its goal 6 on water, UNESCO been able to meet the needs of tomorrows clean water and sanitation facilities, and have made a variety of efforts to meet todays needs.

UNESCO International Centre for Water Security and Sustainable Management (i-WSSM) makes a great effort to improve water security in developing countries through Nexus-based technologies by establishing the following areas to be urgently addressed by the international community.

  • Establish integrated research system for solving water resources problem mainly in developing countries
  • Provides case studies and on-site training programs
  • Establish global network to share water-related information

To achieve its goals, UNESCO i-WSSM focuses on establishing open research system and integrated problem-solving research at international level; conducting a research on solving global water-related issues; and building its reputation at early stage. UNESCO i-WSSM will make full use of existing research facilities and infrastructure through the network.