Information Platform

Strengthen global leadership through an information platform for water security

As the Millennium Development Goals move toward Sustainable Development Goals, strengthening of international partnerships and cooperation is required to achieve sustainable development goals. In addition, as discussed in the G-20 summit, forming a forum for sharing knowledge and information has become an essential part of effective development and growth. Building a water security information platform will therefore provide an effective alternative to water security and water management in developing countries and play an important role in sustainable development.

Korea is an unusual country that has been transformed from a recipient country to a donor country in about 50 years. We are constantly transferring our experience and know-how accumulated in water resource management to developing countries. In addition, there is a growing demand from developing countries that are vulnerable to water management due to climate change, and the importance of sharing information and knowledge on water management in Korea is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, the UNESCO i-WSSM will build a water security information platform to help sustainable development and growth in developing countries vulnerable to water security and management through continuous sharing information and knowledge and cooperation

The UNESCO i-WSSM will seek to establish cooperation with other international organizations for effective water security support, to share information and knowledge through on-line and off-line, and to build databases such as human resource data, technical information and achievement data.