Nexus-based improvement measures for water security development

The UN set 17 Sustainable Development Goals for the period of 2016-2030.

Goal 6, clean water and sanitation, has been the backbone of diverse efforts to secure present and future generations’ need for clean water and sanitation facilities.

The UNESCO International Centre for Water Security and Sustainable Management (i-WSSM) has established three major issues that require urgent attention from the international community, and intends to make its contribution through nexus-based technologies.

  • Establishment of an integrated research system for solving water resource related issues, especially within developing countries
  • Opportunities for case- and field-oriented education and training programmes
  • Establishment of a global network for sharing water-related information

To achieve its goals, UNESCO i-WSSM focuses on establishing open research system and integrated problem-solving research at international level; conducting a research on solving global water-related issues; and building its reputation at early stage. UNESCO i-WSSM will make full use of existing research facilities and infrastructure through the network.