Water Security : A Primer

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CategoryWater Security
Department The Program on Water Governance at UBC
Published Date 2010
Author Emma Norman with Karen Bakker, Christina Cook, Gemma Dunn, and Diana Allen
Publisher Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publication
Pages 56
Language English
ISBN 978-0-88865-698-8


Find at: http://watergovernance.sites.olt.ubc.ca/files/2010/04/WaterSecurityPrimer20101.pdf​

Water Security: A Primer (Policy Report)

Developing a Canadian Water Security Framework as a Tool for Improved Governance in Watersheds




CHAPTER 1: The Evolving Concept of Water Security
    1.1 The Water Security Challenge
    1.2 How Water Security is Defi ned: Evolution of Water Security Defi nitions
    1.3 Elements of a Water Security Paradigm in Canada
         1.3.1 Water Security versus Secure Water
    1.4 Transboundary Water Security
    1.5 Summary: What is Water Security?


CHAPTER 2: Water Security in Action
    2.1 Assessing Water Security
         2.1.1 What is an Indicator?
         2.1.2 Who Develops Indicators?
         2.1.3 Who Uses Indicators?
         2.1.4 Approaches to Assess Water Security in Canada: An Inventory of Indicators
         2.1.5 Key Findings
         2.1.6 Existing Water Resource Indices
         2.1.7 Indicators of Healthy Ecosystems / Evaluating Stressors
    2.2 Putting Water Security in Action
         2.2.1 What is Water Governance?
         2.2.2 What is “Good Governance”?
         2.2.3 Delegated and Collaborative Water Governance


CHAPTER 3: Securing Water for Our Future - Next Steps
    3.1 Steps to Help Achieve Water Security: 

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