Water Security Framework

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CategoryWater Security
Department Water Aid
Published Date 2012
Author Water Aid
Publisher Water Aid
Pages 64
Language English



Find at: https://washmatters.wateraid.org/publications/water-security-framework​


Water security framework from Water Aid


This document sets out a framework for community-level water security. It reflects WaterAid’s focus on water for basic human needs in low-income countries while acknowledging the importance of other water uses. It provides a generic set of concepts, approaches and commitments that our country programmes can modify to fit their national contexts. It is also intended to inform supporters and donors about our efforts to safeguard the water supplies of poor and marginalised communities.
This framework should be used as part of an integrated approach to improving water, sanitation and hygiene.
The framework was drafted by Vincent Casey, Richard Carter and Daniel Yeo. Many staff in WaterAid's country programmes and regional teams have made valuable inputs and shared their experiences, including Andersen Rabeson (and the WaterAid team in Madagascar), Asad Umar, Bethlehem Mengistu, Ephraim Tonya, Francis Musinguzi, Gossa Wolde, Indira Khurana, Jesse Kofi Danku, Jyoti Bhushan, Kabir Das Rajbhandari, Lucien Damiba, Nshuti Rugerinyange, Paritosh Chandra Sarkar, Rebecca Alowo, Sohail Nazir, Suresh Jaiswal and Takele Kassa.
Colleagues in the UK and Australia have helped to shape and greatly improve the document, including Girish Menon, Cristian Anton, Joseph Pearce, Louisa Gosling, Nick Bundle, Peter Dwan, Richard Steele, Sue Cavill and Ray Heslop. Thanks to Jen Smith and DEWPOINT for a preliminary literature review. External peer reviewers Alan Macdonald (BGS), Mark Zeitoun (UEA) and St John Day have strengthened the document considerably. Thanks also to Professor Tony Allan and Chris Perry for guidance. Department for International Development (DFID) funded research carried out by the British Geological Survey (BGS), the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and the RIPPLE programme is acknowledged as are evaluations carried out by Hafren Water, Joe Gomme and Nancy Proudfoot.
The document should be cited as WaterAid (2012) Water security framework. WaterAid, London.
It can be found in the documents section of WaterAid’s website – www.wateraid.org/publications  

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