37 C/Resolution 93 (November 2013)

2017.12.14 12:53:33 | 1119
Department UNESCO
Published Date 2013
Publisher UNESCO
Pages 18
Language English


Find at: http://www.unesco.org/new/en/bureau-of-strategic-planning/resources/category-2-institutes/

Integrated Comprehensive Strategy for Cat2 Institutes and Centres under the Auspices of UNESCO

37 C/Resolution 93 (November 2013): 

The General Conference,
Recalling 35 C/Resolution 103, 190 EX/Decision 18 (I), paragraph 6 and, in particular, recommendations contained in 190 EX/18 Part I, paragraph 23, 192 EX/Decision 15 (I) and 192 EX/Decision 16 (VII) (5) (d), Also recalling documents 190 EX/18 Part I, 190 EX/INF.16, Draft 37 C/4 and Draft 37 C/5,
Having examined document 37 C/18 Part I and its annex,

  1. Decides to approve the amended integrated comprehensive strategy and its attachments, as recommended by the Executive Board,
  2. Decides that this integrated comprehensive strategy shall supersede all relevant prior resolutions by the General Conference on the subject,
  3. Requests the Director-General to apply the strategy to all proposals for the establishment of category 2 institutes and centres and all renewals of existing agreements.

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