Nature-based Solutions to address global societal challenges

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CategoryWater Security
Published Date 2016
Author IUCN
Publisher IUCN
Pages 114
Language English
ISBN 978-2-8317-1812-5


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 Nature-based Solutions to address global societal challenges 

This report has been prepared as part of an effort by IUCN to define its position on Nature based Solutions (NbS) and plan for future work to advance this concept and support effective implementation of NbS to enhance ecosystem services provision and address societal challenges.
The report proposes a definitional framework for NbS, including a set of general principles for any NbS intervention. The report also defines the scope of NbS as an umbrella concept embracing a number of different ecosystembased approaches. These NbS approaches include, for example, ecological restoration, ecological engineering, forest landscape restoration, ecosystem-based adaptation, ecosystem-based mitigation, ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction, green infrastructure, ecosystem-based management, and the various area-based conservation approaches such as protected area management.
The report considers several potential parameters that can be used to build an operational framework, on the basis of which the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of NbS interventions can be systematically assessed. IUCN is committed to supporting further development of an operational framework for NbS. The report outlines how the Ecosystem Approach offers a solid foundation for the NbS concept.
Finally, the report presents ten case studies of NbS applications from around the world. These cases have been chosen to represent the range of ecosystem services and societal challenges that can be addressed by NbS interventions.
The report looks at some of the lessons learned from these cases and discusses the importance of building an evidence base for NbS in order to support future replication and upscaling. 
It is hoped that this report will provide conservation and development practitioners, policy makers and researchers, as well as civil society organisations, with a useful basis for understanding what Nature-based Solutions involve and what they offer in terms of benefits for human and nature, by contributing to resolving societal challenges.





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