World Water Development Report 2020

2020.03.23 10:34:14 | 549
Department UNESCO WWAP
Published Date 2020
Author UN-Water & UNESCO
Language English
ISBN 978-92-3-100371-4


March 22nd is World Water Day. UN-Water and UNESCO WWAP publish World Water Development Report (WWDR) annually and this year, it is entitled 'Water and Climate Change.'

It aims at helping the water community to tackle the challenges of climate change and informing the climate change community about the opportunities that improved water management offers in terms of adaptation and mitigation.

The Centre provided the Korean executive summary of WWDR from 2017 to contribute in sharing global water related agenda to Korean community.

Please find links below to see further information of WWDR.

  1. (WWDR 2020 webpage)


  1. (WWDR2020 download link)


  1. (국문요약본/Executive Summary in Korean) 


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